Coming Events

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 2020 AZARC Meeting datesDear AZARC members.

        This year, 2020, has been a year like no other. A lot of things have been cancelled and are continuing to be cancelled. Because of this, the board discussed cancelling the events for the remainder of the year. While the meets are not only a way to purchase and sell radios, it is also a way to visit with fellow radio collectors, so we felt that the safety of our members is top priority. In addition the church hall has made it clear that no groups of 10 or more are able to congregate in their building and must also practice strict social distancing.
          We have discussed the possibility of holding an outdoor swap meet in December, but currently we have no definite plans. We will let everyone know if we decide to have one.
          Since we have had only one swap meet this year, and as of right now, no plans to have anymore (with the exception of the December possibility) we have decided to count the 2020 dues for 2021 as well. If you have already paid your 2020 dues, you will not have to pay any dues for 2021. If you have not paid your 2020 dues yet, when you do, it will be for 2021 as well.
          In closing, I hope everyone and your family are staying safe and healthy. We hope to see you all in 2021 or in December (To be determined). Hope you all are enjoying your radios!!
                                                                                           AZARC President
                                                                                           Justin Miller